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2020 Review

From Idea to Reality

With 2020 coming to an end, ITeens has been operational for almost a year. We rely on feedback from our community to better our services in the future. This is our 2020 in review...

On January 25, 2020, co-founders Christian and Caroline started collaborating on an idea -- an idea that has evolved and adapted to create what ITeens is now known to be. 


Image: ITeens Co-Founder, Caroline

It all started from an idea to help Senior citizens with technology and close the gap between us, teenagers, and Seniors. With everything set and ready to go, the coronavirus pandemic became more noticeable throughout the world, resulting in a closing of all Senior citizen centers. Over night, an idea that we were passionate about was shattered.

However, we still had a goal -- a goal to help our community. Despite changing and troubling times, we redesigned our goal, resources, and mindset to adapt to the current circumstance.

We began with an easy way to contact real people for help with specific technological questions. After feedback, we decided to host live help sessions to reach a greater community. We had a monstrous success, but we did not want to stop there. July was approaching, which meant school would be back in session. We knew there had to be tech support specifically for parents, students, and teachers, so we announced ITeens For Education, a division under ITeens to do just that. Local school, Clifton Middle School, reached out to us to create customized tutorials for them, so that they could distribute them to their parents via YouTube. 

On the backend, we were also growing with the number of volunteers and the virtual locations we have. Currently, we have twelve volunteers from three locations -- Los Angeles, CA; Sacramento, CA; and Connecticut, USA.

And now, with 2020 under our belt, we are excited for what the future has for us in 2021 and beyond. 

We would appreciate your participation in our summary of 2020 by completing the survey below and sharing this web page with others.

Our next session will be in January of 2021. More details to come.

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