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ITeens Leadership

Evan Asti [Senior Volunteer]

Evan Asti is a Senior Volunteer with ITeens since 2022. Before his senior role, Evan had been a volunteer with ITeens since 2020.

Evan had experience working in 3D design for robotics teams, which translated to building objects on robots. He also used some of his knowledge to teach younger students how robotics works and educate them on how to problem-solve robotics issues. Currently, Evan practices 3D design and animation in his spare time as personal projects.

Evan helped ITeens to expand their brand as an organization looking to educate communities on the impact of technology and the copious ways it can be used. He also felt fulfilled when partnering with other organizations to expand the ITeens brand, but also bring awareness to other important groups.

Evan is currently a Senior in high school and is planning on studying software development in college.

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