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ITeens Appoints President and Vice President of ITeens+

The Board of Directors has appointed Noah Pinales as President and Anthony Battaglia as Vice President of ITeens+.


Los Angeles, CA - April 23, 2022 - The ITeens Board of Directors has announced their appointments for the ITeens+ board, leading ITeens' new coding education service. Announced in December of 2021, ITeens+ will be a tool for individuals and groups to learn the fundamentals and complexities of coding. To effectively implement the new service, the Board selectively appointed experienced programmers and those who share in the same mission and vision of ITeens+.

Noah Pinales has been appointed to lead ITeens+ as President, effective immediately. Pinales is experienced in programming, robotics, and management. 

I have always felt that it's difficult to find a more centralized source for learning the basics in several programming languages, and whenever I have to give references to people on where to look for recourses, I'm often listing off several places. I feel that ITeens+ has the ability to create a more centralized location for tutorials on how to learn various programming langauges.

I am excited for the ability to create and educate based on the things I wish I had known while beginning to learn code. The thought of creating resources that can possibly help aspiring software engineers and give them a place to start off and build their knowledge is something I have always wanted to do, but have never had the opportunity to, and this chance is exciting.

Anthony Battaglia has been appointed to lead ITeens+ as Vice President, effective immediately. Battaglia is experienced in programming and has excelled in university-level Computer Science courses.

I think that ITeens+ will be helpful towards the community because it will be able to help people who are interested in wanting to program but don't know where to get started.

I am excited to share my passion for coding with other people who are interested in programming and I can't wait to see the programs the community will be able to create.

With President Noah Pinales and Vice President Anthony Battaglia, the Board is confident that ITeens+ will become an impactful service in the growing Computer Science field and will be beneficial in the mission of educating the community, including schools and organizations, on the basis of coding. ITeens+ will be available in June of 2022. Sign up for exclusive updates here.

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