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ITeens Announces Special "Protect your Electronic Device" Event

If you join us for both events, you will learn how to protect your device from the inside and out. 

The first part of the special event will be focused mainly on physically protecting your electronic device. We'll talk about the different screen protectors and cases out there to help you with your device in the wild! Studies have shown that your cell phone attracts a lot of bacteria. We'll explain the different cleaning tools you can use to not only kill the bacteria, but do it safety without harming the phone.

Physical Safety: Saturday July 11, 2020

The second part of the event will be about protecting your electronic device from the insides -- safe web browsing and minimizing the risk of being hacked. Some of the topics we will cover are things you may do on a daily basis; we'll give the do's and don't's of using the internet in the most safest possible way. Ever wondered "why one day you're searching up shoes on the internet, then the next day you get shoe ads on YouTube?" We'll explain why in this tutorial.

Internet Safety: Saturday July 18, 2020

Want to register for this special two-part event? Just sign up right below like you would normally for a regular tutorial and help session.

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