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Our Story

Every story has a mission. Founded in 2019, and redeveloped in 2020, ITeens was founded by two teenagers, Christian and Caroline, looking to assist Senior Citizens with technology to connect with others. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, this opportunity was fading aways as a result of the Senior Centers closing. Instead of waiting, we pivoted our goal to adapt to the current unprecedented circumstances and to assist everyone in our community with their technological questions and devices.


While staying home, people rely on communication tools like Zoom and FaceTime to connect with each other but often have questions about using these resources. We developed a wide range of resources and helpful tools accessible from virtually any device.

We provide our services at no cost because we ultimately believe in order to change the world, we must start with helping others, and make it simple for people to access these resources. Our goal for ITeens is to help make a clearer path towards a technological future, and influence other teenagers to take action in their community to make the world better.

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Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles

Sacramento, CA



4.9 / 5

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"Enjoyed connecting with these tech savvy teens."


—  Caroline D, Since April 2020

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