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At ITeens, we work hard to ensure we have a safe and secure environment when helping our community virtually. Here are the steps we take to do just that. You can also view our privacy policy and terms of use by clicking here.

For Zoom, we...
- Require password authentication
- Manually accept users into our live sessions through the waiting room feature
- Record all sessions for privacy purposes and quality assurance
- Disable features that can compromise our sessions
- And more! As more security features on Zoom get released, we will take advantage of such features

For our website, we...

- Utilize end-to-end encryption

- Have a secure website

- Use reCAPTCHA (Learn more:

Although we cannot guarantee complete security while using our service, we work hard to ensure "technology doesn't get ahead of us." ITeens is focused on helping people. Watch one of our tutorials on the Safety of the Internet, so you can also have a sense of security when using technology.