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Live Webinars

Live sessions are held on designated days, from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM (pacific-standard-time). View our calendar (updated monthly) below for the session topics of this month.

Why should you attend our live help session?

If you have any technical questions, come and ask them during our Zoom session. We use the breakout room feature on Zoom, so you can talk to our volunteers one-on-one.

Why should you attend our live tutorials?

From everyday tutorials to expand your knowledge and creativity with your electronic device, or learning how to take advantage of today's technologies to carry out your tasks, we got it covered! Join us every other Saturday during our regular help session to participate in our free tutorials.

How easy is it to join?

Since Zoom is accessible from virtually any device, we have the opportunity to connect with people anywhere. We make the webinars simple for you to watch, and we will email you the information you will need for the webinar. 

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